Johannesburg has a sub-tropical climate with an elevation of 1,753 metres (5,751 ft) above sea-level. The city enjoys a sunny climate all year round, especially during winter months (May to September) Summer days are hot followed by cool evenings with occasional thundershowers in the afternoons and winters are dry sunny days followed by cold nights. However, the city is usually fairly mild because of city’s high elevation.

Coupled with our 364 days of blue sky, Johannesburg has locations that can comparably clone just about anywhere in the world. This applies to both architecture and landscape. All locations including Studios, Wildlife, Mountainous, Rural, etc are within 150 kilometres of Johannesburg and can be easily reached via land or air. The city is predominated by four architectural styles; Modernism, Art Deco, Edwardian Baroque, Victorian Colonial Johannesburg is one the greenest cities in the world with over six million trees.

Johannesburg is also known as “The City Of Gold” or Jozi is the economic hub of South Africa, founded during the ‘Gold Rush’ Of 1886. The city is a transit point for connecting flights to the rest of South Africa. The city offers venues and experiences ranging from upmarket restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, wildlife, sports stadiums, museums, african craft and cultural markets down to trendy shebeens and architectural monuments.