Understand ‘extension of time’ and associated implications and costs. NZS Conditions of Contract i . Why is NZS 3910:2013 used as a basis for the Major Works Contract, but not the Minor or Medium Works Contracts?

advisian.com . For example, the use of AS/NZS 3000:2018 before its inclusion in the Regulations may not comply with the provisions relating to domestic down-lights installation under AS/NZS 3000:2007 and therefore could constitute an offence.

Their publication follows feedback from the industry and lessons learned from NZS 3910… Historically, game theory takes into account only the obvious players impacted by the decision. There is a significant degree of contract administration, and requires the appointment of an Engineer to the Contract.

IT IS IMPORTANT to understand the role of the engineer under NZS 3910, and to understand where the individual performing that role sits with the principal and the project.This will help you assess the decisions being made by the engineer against their obligation to act in good faith.

An examination of issues associated with the use of NZS Conditions of Contract . Understand NZS3910:2013 as a whole and the issues for all three parties - the Principal, the Contractor and the Engineer to the Contract. A negative non-zero-sum (NZS) outcome implies all parties net out to being worse off.

Disclaimer .

August 2019 .

We are focused on positive NZS outcomes wherein a decision made by one party improves, on the whole, all parties involved. NZS 3910:2013 is an industry standard contract for high value and/or high complexity projects. The splitting of NZS 3910:2003 into three separate standards provides more tailored general conditions for the different types of contracts and procurement arrangements that feature in the New Zealand construction sector. Infrastructure Transactions Unit . Standards Australia are likely to make amendments to AS/NZS 3000:2018 to include provisions to address aspects not yet accounted for in AS/NZS 3000:2018. By Brendan Cash, partner, and Tamzin Dempste, solicitor, Kensington Swan’s Construction & Major Projects Team.

Be familiar with different types of contracts and how the tender documents fit into the contract. NZS 5223: PART 2-1987, Code of... NZMP 200-1988, Transport of... NZS 4224-1983, Code of Practice... NZS 4241-1999, Public Toilets; NZS 4503-2005, Hand Operated... SAA/SNZ HB 76-2010, Dangerous... NZS 3112.4-1986, Methods of Test... NZS 3910-2013, Conditions of... NZS 5422.1-1987, Use … Who should attend.

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