"Wasted Time" closes side one on your old vinyl copy of the Hotel California LP. Wasted Time Lyrics: Well baby, there you stand / With your little head, down in your hand / Oh, my God, you can't believe / It's happening again / Your baby's gone and you're all alone / And it looks After you've flipped the record over to side two, the first piece of music you'll hear is an instrumental reprise of the same track. I was going to tell them who it is about and the lyrics meaning but they already knew. I played Wasted Time for the adolescents. You’re together with someone for so long and you both feel like it was all a waste of time. That feeling that you get when you know it’s over just prior to the official end. Most talked about it.

It’s about breaking up.

I didn’t tell them the meaning so they could decide what it means to them. The girl in the song has experienced many such failures, and has become disheartened by them - she's wasted so much time on relationships that she feels weren't worth the investment since they failed her, and she's weary at the prospect of wasting any more. It still sends chills throughout me. Thank you Sebastian Bach and Skid Row for putting into words the reality of drug abuse and the progression from marijuana … Some wrote poems.