Campaign is easier than anything survival can throw at you. Watch Queue Queue Question Just lost on The Goddess of Destiny and the waves came mostly from the south with a couple of eastern ones and one from the north. Is there a way to edit your tech and replay missions after you finished the campaign? We successfully beat the first mission in the new campaign mode for They Are Billions, and we're headed onto the next mission. Watch Queue Queue. The Hidden Valley - this the first mission available within the story campaign in They Are Billions. This mission serves as a kind of tutorial - the game will inform you about new mechanics or constructions that you need to build step-by-step.
In this Chapter you will find the description of the walkthrough and tips related to The hidden Valley mission. It was such a successful execution of concept that it made sense to assume that whatever Numantian turned their hands to next would match it. I beat the campaign and was wondering if there was a way to change my tech for replaying missions. Back in early, early access, when I imagined what a They Are Billions campaign mode would look like, it was easy to look at the quality of the survival mode and imagine something that would stand up against the great RTS campaigns. The people who really liked it were optimization junkies. Boring missions are boring. Do waves in campaign levels come from predetermined directions or are they randomly chosen? 2 months ago.

If you aren't going for some perfect score (120k) or don't need to do the 70k+ steam achievement, then by all means do the hero/swarm missions on 25%. This video is unavailable. I don't think TAB necessarily maxed out its player base. 400% is pretty good and I expect them to have really no problems with campaign missions. I want to try out different things without starting a whole new campaign over.
We have a choice of three missions …