Anybody here a huge Redwall fan? Redwall ‘Bring the white gooseberry wine! After a little research, I decided to make a dandelion-flower infused simple syrup, served with sparkling water and ice. Dandelion cordial struck me as one of Redwall's strangest beverages - I had to try it immediately.

The Redwall series, by Brian Jacques. Bring to a boil. These cozily earthy repasts are easily the highlight of each of Jacques's books. 1.2k comments.

Many long seasons ago, when I had completed my first book, Redwall, the publishers asked me, would I continue to write about the world I had created? Candied chestnuts.

How to eat chestnuts in syrup: There are those who enjoy chestnuts in syrup alone, accompanying them with a cup of coffee or tea, and those who prefer to add some other ingredient. ... Have some candied chestnuts. This thread is archived. Burr opened his knapsack, taking out some of the famous Redwall candied chestnuts. In this sense, for example, vanilla ice cream is almost perfect, or add a little hot chocolate on top. Mossflower: A Tale from Redwall - Kindle edition by Jacques, Brian, Chalk, Gary. It was like asking Dibbuns if they liked candied chestnuts! Dibbuns ran around him, playing with a wicker ball and grabbing each other's tails. It has a unique, sweet, bitter/nutty flavor.

A Personal Reflection on Brian Jacques Matt London. In a large saucepan, cover chestnuts with water.

ThemesNuts. So growing up my friends siblings and I all read and Loved the Redwall books, we were discussing it and a group of about 7 of us (around 12 once you include spouses and kids) are getting together to do a feast and some trivia and riddle games. Sadly, you won’t find any candied chestnuts or Deeper ‘n Ever Turnip ‘n Tater ‘n Beetroot Pie in Root, a board game designed by Cole Wehrle and published by Leder Games.

Dandelion cordial struck me as one of Redwall's strangest beverages - I had to try it immediately.

2 lbs chestnuts, shells removed 2 lbs granulated sugar 2 1/2 cups water 1 vanilla bean.

Burr waded through the playful dibbuns and seated himself at a table with Dinny Foremole. Fetch me some rosemary, thyme, beechnuts and honey, quickly. However, you will find gorgeous depictions of your favorite woodland critters, illustrated by Kyle Ferrin. Chapter 6: Sweets Chapter Text.

share. Our goal is to bring people of all walks of life together to the same table to eat … ... My favorites from other books include Matthias facing Asmodeus in Redwall, ... and crunching dozens of candied chestnuts for …

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