Happy New Year everyone! Add Current Color to Swatch Hello, Is there a way to configure Solidworks so that dimensions & text placed on a drawing come in displayed in a desired color? When you select a layer, the component uses the layer's settings, including color. The Appearances command displays the colors of faces, features, bodies, and the part and is a shortcut to editing appearances. Dimension & Text Color Dimension & Text Color cowman (Mechanical) (OP) 17 Mar 05 09:27.
The Component Line Font dialog box lets you change the line font style of edges on each of the components in an assembly drawing. Then select the dimensions/annotations that you want to be added to the layer and pick the change layer button, and choose a layer from the select box. The screen text color adjusts automatically for visibility on the new background. Select Existing Color or Add Color: Displays the colors contained in the selected swatch. Select the Front Plane in the feature tree (menu at the left side) and create a sketch by clicking on the 2D Sketch icon. Optionally, you can choose a specific color for the text in the FeatureManager design tree or the Flyout FeatureManager design tree by selecting and editing FeatureManager Design Tree Text or Flyout FeatureManager Design Tree Text under Color scheme settings. There are two basic ways to import dimensions in a drawing: Smart Dimension or Model Items. Importing Dimensions in a Drawing.

The dimensions will then change to the applied colour of the layer.

Then select the name of the red layer. Current Color: Displays the currently selected color in the swatch. You can see the hierarchy of colors by expanding the command.

before i was under w7, and i never noticed that problem, but the current computer is w10, so maybe a combo "w10 + SW2019 SP5.0" Parent topic Parts.

Click Create New Swatch to define a custom swatch. Color selections made in the Appearances PropertyManager supersede colors set on the Document Properties tab. Current color scheme ... Search 'System Colors Options' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. Drawing Dimension Colors . The first blog of 2017 and I’m starting with a customer support call regarding dimension colors on drawing.. One of our customers called wondering why the same drawing would open on different machines with a color change for dimensions.This was something I had to look up myself. Learn more about Drawings. Select or Create a Swatch: Displays pre-defined swatches included with the SOLIDWORKS software. Right-mouse click on the component you want to display in the red color and select “Change Layer” from the pop-up menu. Many customers when they first start with SOLIDWORKS have a design office drawing standard that states that specific items must appear in specific colours and so their SOLIDWORKS template needs to be customised to use coloured layers.