Chords and lyrics for Simon and Garfunkel - Homeward Bound in a free, online, printable format. 32 on my Top 60 Fingerpicking Songs of ALL TIME list. Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound.

Chords for Simon & Garfunkel - Homeward bound. I'm sittin' in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination, mm. 5 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100. Difficulty level: Intermediate. The song was released on 19th January 1966 and peaked at no. Homeward Bound Paul Simon Homeward Bound Paul Simon G Iâ m sitting in a railway station, Bm F E E7 Got a ticket for my destination Am On a tour of one night stands, F My suitcase and guitar in hand, G And every stop is neatly planned For a poet and a one man band. Includes a transposer to put the song in a key you can sing/play. Barre chords: Yes. Learn how to play Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound note-for-note on guitar.

Homeward bound, I wish I was homeward bound, Home where my thought's escaping, Home where my music's playing, Home where my love lies waiting silently for me. Homeward Bound is no. 'Homeward bound' is by American duo Simon & Garfunkel and was written by Paul Simon. And G ev'ry stop is neatly planned for a D poet and a one-man G band. Am On a tour of one-night stands my F suitcase and guitar in hand. C Homeward F Bound, I wish I was, Ho C meward F Bound. I'm G sitting in the railway station. But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me. Thumb over chords: No.

C Home were my thought's Dm E C sc Bb api F ng, C home where my mus Dm ic' C s Bb pla F yi C ng, home where my love Dm lie C s Bb wai F ting G7 Silently f C or me. It appears on their album Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966). Easy if you can play Travis picking. Tuning: Standard. Playing Style: A mixture of fingerpicking and finger strums. HOMEWARD BOUND G D h e 1.

Tonight I'll sing my songs again, I'll play the game and pretend.

Got a Bm ticket for my F destinati E on E7. Chords for "Homeward Bound" Homeward Bound Simon and Garfunkel Capo I A I'm sitting in the railway station. Amaj7 A7 F# Got a ticket for my destination, mmmm Bm G On a tour of one-night stands my suitcase and guitar in hand.