My Review/Advice, SeekingArrangement.Com. My Account got deleted for no reason!!!!????!!! To get more messages in your inbox and to increase your chances of finding the perfect Sugar Daddy for you, you’re going to have to be more aggressive and contact the Sugar Daddies you like first. Runner-up is What's Your Price. So my review is coming from a lot of experience. I have been using/monitoring the Seeking Arrangement website (and several other sugar dating sites) for over six years. Since being launched over a decade ago Seeking Arrangement (SA) has become the leading sugar dating website, but most […]

They said I violated something and said I’m a scammer. We’ve collected a list of tips for guys who are new to sugar daddy websites like Seeking Arrangement. Type of Arrangement; On your personal profile, you’ll also be able to indicate what kind of arrangement you are seeking on the website. Press Kit/Sugar Baby Summit. 18 Things I Learned About Being a Sugar Baby From Seeking Arrangement's Summit On Dating Rich Older Men. But Seeking, in its majority position, has the power to shape this environment to protect their users from what they aren't.

For a good bit of that time, I checked & worked all of them daily. All messages on Seeking Arrangement are free of charge.

I was flagged. Bustle. You can specify your gender preference, what kind of budget you are will to use with your ‘sugar partner’ and a short description of what kind of partner you’re looking for when it comes to the arrangement. I want my account back.

Unreasonable Warning. When new users join, they can make the most of internal search system, which is based on advanced and detailed algorithms. Seeking Arrangement reviews ( My new account got flagged. On the recommendation of someone I met from SA, I recently started viewing an episode of This is Life with Lisa Ling about the Sugar lifestyle. Most of the rules that apply there will not serve you well here. My account got disabled. First of all, SA is the best of the bunch. Just remember that arrangements are completely different from your traditional dating. I still work SA every day. July 10, 2015. We all understand that 'Arrangements' can vary wildly in execution.

Given how extensive the search parameters are, some users get confused at first, but one thing is certain — the system does make it … I'm seeking funds for college, not for hair, nails or anything else. By Mariella Mosthof.

When I do send messages, I don't get any response. Most of these comes from forums and we’ve added in some of our own tips and organized them by topics. In Seeking Arrangement search-box, users can specify pretty much any details that come to mind. Hopefully I’ve been able to provide some insight and a good … Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm new to the seeking arrangement site and I just don't know what to say in the messages to SD I'm interested in.