Ozpin chuckled at the retort, "I'd believe it. RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an American Anime inspired web series that was created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth Productions.If you are unable to find the quote you are looking for, a user-created transcript searcher is available here.

Posted by 12 hours ago. Something I realised about Ironwood. I can hardly imagine a situation where one could fall from such a height and be left feeling pleasant.

Snowbird is the new BUMBLB. SoundCloud. RWBY - I May Fall by JShigley13 published on 2013-11-14T01:21:32Z "I May Fall" from the RWBY Soundtrack Genre RWBY Comment by JXRII. This is a huge issue with both volumes of RWBY on DVD. I wouldn't mind too much if it was just in one or two places, but it's practically everywhere. To be specific, several scenes fall victim to annoyingly high levels of pixelated imagery and interlacing that are rather difficult to overlook, with barely half of the scenes making it out okay. Stream RWBY - I May Fall by JShigley13 from desktop or your mobile device. 2020-04-02T20:16:31Z Comment by major issue. However, I need some information from you first. (There may be some related merch on the way to the RT store, so keep an eye out!) I believe I may be able to help you, you see. Heartless Weiss [LethalAnt] Watch an exclusive scene from new episode of 'RWBY' ... 'RWBY' to return this fall — exclusive ... this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Posted by 15 hours ago. Now, I did come here for a reason. Quick Little sketch of Angery Jaune [OC - anafuu] Vol 7 Fanmade cover [Mikururun] Concerning Clover's characterization.

NOTE: This is a containment thread for sperging about the show itself and, if you so desire, the behind the scenes homosexual deviancy regarding Rooster Teeth that is unrelated to either Vic Mignogna or the Weeb Wars for which we have an entire sub-forum over there. this song has such a powerful message. The Ace-Ops are Aesop's Fables that haven't learned from their morals.