If you are rendering fragments for a collection of objects, have a look at jbuilder_cache_multi gem. Layouts and Rendering in RailsThis guide covers the basic layout features of Action Controller and Action View.After reading this guide, you will know: How to use the various rendering methods built into Rails. ruby-on-rails - rails - render jbuilder template from controller . But, client side libraries are evolving at brisk pace with wide-spread use of React JS , AngularJS , VuJS etc. When building JSON APIs for Rails applications, we used to build it using the following methods: respond_toblock and as_json in the controller or model. Conditionally catches the json depending in the condition given as first parameter. But as these applications grew, the JSON APIs used in these applications became complex and we found these … Has the same signature as the `cache` helper method in `ActionView::Helpers::CacheHelper` and so can be used … How to extract all attributes with Rails Jbuilder? It uses fetch_multi (>= Rails 4.1) to fetch multiple keys at once. Rails building json API responses with JBuilder Rails is a MVC web application framework which supports building complex websites without writing any APIs. March 7, 2014. By hand crafting the JSON response in our ERB view templates. It uses fetch_multi (>= Rails 4.1) to fetch multiple keys at once. Rendering JSON responses using Jbuilder sandeep. How to create layouts with multiple content sections. How to use partials to DRY up your views. How to use nested layouts (sub-templates).