Harnessing this sprawling nattarive on two LPs, and taking the whole show on the road, is itself an epic story with its own twists and turns. Both. Pink Floyd's 1979 concept album, is the story of an alienated rock star, based on Roger Waters and former band member Syd Barrett. Bullshit!. According to rock lore, Pink Floyd saw Syd Barrett for the last time on June 5th, 1975, when the now bald and bloated 29-year-old dropped in on a recording session for … The Wall is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation, symbolized by a wall. Characterised for his English-accented singing and free-form writing style, Barrett named the group and was their original lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter.

The cause of death was pancreatic cancer. The scene is swinging London, the mid '60s. Pink's father also dies in a war, which is where Pink starts to build a metaphorical wall around himself. The Wall. 4 talking about this. The songs create an approximate storyline of events in the life of the protagonist, Pink, a character based on Syd Barrett as well as Roger Waters, whose father was killed during WWII. Pink Floyd -Troubles Behind The Wall – Mojo Magazine December 1999 . Syd Barrett, one of the founders of English rock group Pink Floyd, died at 60 after living in seclusion half his life. Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (6 January 1946 – 7 July 2006) was an English singer, songwriter, and musician who co-founded the rock band Pink Floyd in 1965. After suffering from diabetes for several years, Barrett died at home in Cambridge on 7 July 2006. Schizophrenia Information > Syd Barrett: Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and Mental Illness: See our special update on Syd Barrett - His life, his mental illness, and his recent passing away (July 7, 2006) . So too was the first single from the album, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2”. But I think if it is more one than the other, it would be more about Waters. Pink Floyd – The Wall 1980 Review – Uncut Magazine June 2003. First, he replaced Syd Barrett, then Roger Waters -- David Gilmour, once the new guy in Pink Floyd, came to be its leader in its later incarnation. Consider this. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd turns 70 years old today. Exactly 40 years ago, Pink Floyd’s 11th studio album The Wall was released.

Pink Floyd – A History – Mojo Magazine – November 2001. You are welcome.I will be happy if you post Pink Floyd stuff on this page..all genuine posts are accepted. Waters was the principal songwriter and dominant creative force during the band's famous 1970s period, when it released a string of popular and influential concept albums such as Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall.. Syd Barrett – Return Of ‘Lost’ Pink Floyd Legend – Daily Mail – 15th April 2001. He was cremated, with his ashes given to a […]