Eugene O'Neill, Jr. New York. Plato lived a generation after Aristophanes.

This is the earliest of the 11 comedies of Aristophanes that have survived intact. Peace. The main character, Dikaiopolis, makes a separate peace treaty with Sparta and suffers some backlash.

Hall and W.M. Aristophanes ­ Peace ­ Summary and Analysis ­ Greek Comedy Aristophanes, the Father of Comedy, is well known to the world of literature through his el even extant plays. Aristophanes wrote his plays between 427 to 387 B.C.E. [1] 'Peace' was no doubt produced at the festival of the Apaturia, which was kept at the end of October, a period when strangers were numerous in Athens. In the play 'The Acharnians,' Aristophanes makes a plea for an end to the Peloponnesian war. He is believed to have written forty plays in his lifetime and all of t hem are in the form of comedy, generally referred to as Old Comedy. In terms of politics, “The Frogs” is not usually considered one of Aristophanes‘ “peace plays” (several of his earlier plays call for an end to the Peloponnesian War, almost at any cost), and indeed the advice of Aeschylus‘ character towards the end of the play lays out a plan to win and not a proposition of capitulation.

load focus Greek (F.W. Aristophanes. The Complete Greek Drama, vol. 1938. The Annenberg CPB/Project provided support for entering this text. 2. Random House.

Acharnians. SECOND SERVANT As for me, I will explain the matter to you all, children, youths, grownups and old men, aye, even to the decrepit dotards. Aristophanes produced at least forty plays, eleven of which have survived to modern times. Aristophanes lived in the time of Socrates and Thucydides, a generation behind Sophocles and Euripides.

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