Reading Time: 2 minutes Chlorinated paraffin (CP) is a complex chemical substance used in multiple applications across diverse industries. Dental Wax Basics. Sewing machine lubrication typically contains liquid paraffin also.

Paraffin is clean burning and maintains a high heat output.

Although this ingredient is widely used in cosmetics, candles and crayons, there is some alarming research that has caused controversy around the use of paraffin wax. Because of its viscosity, cosmetologists may recommend paraffin wax to those who want to remove hair from their arms, legs, chest, bikini lines, and eyebrows.

It is not recommended for therapeutic paraffin baths and warmers for your hands and feet; try our excellent Parapeutic Paraffin for that.

Normal Paraffin or N-Paraffin.

Liquid paraffin is an oil component used for spinning, weaving and meshing materials. At room temperature paraffin wax can be found in a solid state, when it reaches 37°C and above the wax will begin to enter a liquid phase.

Paraffin waxes are separated from crude oil during the production of light distillate lubricating oils. The product is clear and unnoticeable when applied. It is often used as a flame retardant and secondary plasticizer in rubber, paints, adhesives, caulks, sealants and plastics. Another use is as a coolant or lubricant in metal cutting or forming.

Do not overheat Paraffin - like all wax, it is flammable, so never melt it over an open flame or in a microwave. Determination of Normal Paraffin. Liquid paraffin oil usually comes in two forms, heavy liquid paraffin oil and light liquid paraffin oil. They are either extracted from kerosene or through the “Fischer-Tropsch process” at gas-to-liquid production sites. Other uses

Paraffin oil and paraffin wax have found a wide range of industrial, medical, as well as cosmetic uses in modern times. The uses of liquid paraffin in the textile industry mostly involve lubrication. Normal Paraffin is a clear liquid that are made up of saturated hydrocarbons with a straight-chain structure. Waxes such as paraffin wax or beeswax, and hard fats such as tallow are used to make candles, used for lighting and decoration.

It's solid at room temperature, but the warmth of your hands will soften it. Liquid paraffin oil is a mineral oil that comes in two forms, either heavy liquid paraffin oil or light liquid paraffin oil. In its original form, paraffin wax is waxy, tasteless, odorless and white color solid that burns readily. Paraffin wax is also used in beauty products and emollients. Liquid paraffin can used to clean your hands after working with abrasive materials like cement. Beeswax is frequently used as a lubricant on drawer slides where wood to wood contact occurs. Dental wax is most often made from paraffin, beeswax or carnauba wax.