Chaz Akoshile, joint head of the Forced Marriage Unit, says “The one thing we always say is to always implement the one chance rule in every case.
13 to happen by chance; be the case by chance. Definition of chance (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a : something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause Which cards you are dealt is simply a matter of chance. Means that if you screw up your life, you don't get to come back and have another go......and another go.....and another go......and so … My friends, my habits, my family, They mean so much to me.

it skips the feels song and he winds up dying alone; im not sure where they went but i noticed in this ending penny took their daughter and left him. one chance in a million An extremely rare or unlikely chance, opportunity, or possibility. One chance to get everything right.

he chanced on the solution to his problem.

We have one chance, one chance. I chanced to catch sight of her as she passed. The idea behind the One Chance Rule is that you might only have one chance to speak to a potential victim and, therefore, have one chance to save a life. 14 ♦ chance on (or upon) to come upon by accident.

15 ♦ chance one's arm to attempt to do something although the chance of success may be slight. One chance unknown You only get “ one chance ” in life, one chance at anything, don’t ruin your chance and don’t take it for granted I had a homie back in the day that was in a relationship with this mulatto chick with some titties.

I knew it was one chance in a million to photograph the rare bird during its mating ritual.

And if we're lucky we might. According to the tech company, there is only one chance in a million that their new facial recognition software could be fooled by a printed photograph. One Chance - Endings 2014-12-24 08:16:13. has anyone else gotten the wife takes child and leaves John ending?

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