Matthew suffered martyrdom by being slain with a sword at a distant city of Ethiopia. Clement of Alexandria quotes Heracleon, one of the earliest commentators on the New Testament, as saying that Matthew died naturally: “But neither will this utterance be found to be spoken universally; for all the saved have confessed with the confession made by the voice, and departed.

Matthew the tax collector and writer of a Gospel ministered in Persia and Ethiopia.

The Apostle Matthew, also known as Saint Matthew and Levi, was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Luke was hanged upon an olive tree in the classic land of Greece. Matthias was the apostle that was selected to replace Judas who hung himself. Acts 1:20-26 reveals how this was done, and some scholars say it may have fulfilled a prophecy in Psalm 69:25 and Psalm 109:8.

How the Apostle Matthias Died. He is traditionally regarded as the author of the Gospel of Matthew.When Jesus called Matthew to follow him, he was a tax collector (or “publican”)—one of the most reviled professions in ancient Judaism. Some of the oldest reports say he was not martyred, while others say he was stabbed to death in Ethiopia. St. Matthew, also called St. Matthew the Evangelist, St. Matthew the Apostle, or Levi, (flourished 1st century ce, Palestine; Western feast day September 21, Eastern feast day November 16), one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and the traditional author of the first Synoptic Gospel. John was put in a caldron of boiling oil, but escaped death in a miraculous manner, and was afterward banished to Patmos. Mark expired at Alexandria, after being cruelly dragged through the streets of that city. Of whom are Matthew, Philip, Thomas, Levi, and many others.”