Klingon Rituals & Traditions This section will guide you through the fascinating aspects of Klingon rituals, traditions and ceremonies. (TNG: "The Emissary"; VOY: "Blood Fever") They were notoriously complex. SonchIy: death ritual (for a leader) (n) [From "Reunion" (TNG). Today is a good day to die The frequently heard Klingon expression "Today is a good day to die" is particularly devilish to try to express in Klingon, but the phrase yielded a veritable supernova of suggestions.. Canon translation This version was used on the back of Klingon for the Galactic Traveler: . This is a perfect example of how Paramount butchers the language. Then each gripped the other's right hand as to cause bleeding.

Klingon Death ritual [DS9 spoilers] (self.startrek) submitted 2 years ago by Ramza_Claus So, early in TNG, they do that episode where the 3 Klingons are on the Entrprise and when they die, other Klingons hold their eyes open and then howl really loud to alert the dead that a Klingon warrior is about to join them.

If somebody kills the husband of a klingon woman in an honorable way and the victim has no successor, then the killer is allowed to marry the woman. This day is good in order to die.

Klingon for the Galactic Traveler calls this ritual the Heghtay, as does Star Trek Online. Canonized in The Klingon Dictionary Addendum.] SoS jIH batlh SoH SoS jIH batlh SoH: Mother, I honor you (phrase) [From "The Bonding" (TNG). (DS9: "The House of Quark") The ritual began with each participant sniffing the other's right arm/hand. --TimPendragon (talk) 06:46, February 25, 2020 (UTC) A ceremony performed to verify the leader's death. Rite de mort klingon Dans l'univers de fiction de Star Trek , le rite de mort klingon est exécuté lors du décès d'un guerrier klingon . Klingon mating rituals were a series of courting traditions held by the Klingons. All are listed in alphabetical manner and … Il consiste à plonger son regard dans les yeux du mort tout en hurlant afin de prévenir Sto-vo-kor de l'arrivée imminente d'un guerrier. Klingon mating rituals included combative foreplay. Hegh lu' meH QaQ jaj vam. That information should obviously be included in the article, but should we rename it, as well?

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