Send to Friend. Jay is the tetartagonist of the Descendants franchise. He also appears as a major character in Descendants 3 and in its prequel novel Escape From The Isle of The Lost. He is handsome, punkish, and mischievous. Gil is portrayed by Dylan Playfair. descendants 3 descendants disneys descendants jay jafar jay x gil their ship name is GAY malvie jaylos hades d3 korra x asami korrasami. A/N: JAY. Being athletic, Jay provides the "brawn" when he and his friends were invited to Auradon Prep. what if we dropped out of school to become explorers ️鸞吝and we’re both villain kids #descendants #descendants 3 #descendants 3 spoilers #descendants gil #descendants jay #descendants gil x jay #gil x jay #jay x gil #i'm so sorry. What if Uma and Harry went in Evie and Jay's place? r/Descendants A present-day idyllic kingdom where the benevolent teenage son of King Beast and Queen Belle offers a chance at redemption for the troublemaking offspring of Cruella De Vil (Carlos), Maleficent (Mal), the Evil Queen (Evvie) and Jafar (Jay). descendants. Originally posted by butthats-noneofmybusiness . rusty-pulley-stars. He is a thief, a con man, a handsome, quick-witted boy with charm to spare, whose lies are as beautiful and silvery as his eyes. Share. GIL. descendants. A devoted member of Uma’s pirate gang, Gil is thickheaded and does his best to keep up with Uma and Harry. Gil LeGume is a main character and the tertiary antagonist of Descendants 2 and a supporting character of Descendants 3.

“Good morning sleepy beauty.” Gil laughs and slowly starts getting up.

by Hollyjschofield Follow. Gil/Jay (Disney: Descendants) Jay/Evie/Gil; Evie (Disney) Jay (Disney) Gil (Disney: Descendants) Long John Silver; Fluff; Fluff and Angst; Hurt/Comfort; feelings of betrayal; Silver is their Isle papa; Threesome - F/M/M; Threesome Beginnings; Beginnings of a Beautiful Relationship; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; What-If ; Summary. He appears as one of the two tritagonists of Descendants, it's prequel novel Isle of The Lost it's animated spin-off series Descendants: Wicked World, it's midquel Return to The Isle of The Lost, and it's sequel Descendants 2. 4,496 notes. Ben Carlos De Vil Jay Harry Hook Gil Chad Charming Doug *All pictures are not mine * #ben #carlos #chad #descendants2 #doug #gil #harryhook #jay #wattys2018. descendants descendants jay descendants gil disney descendants jay and gil is their ship name gay or icebreaker or both the world will never know descendants 3 spoilers descendants spoilers descendants 3 tagging as spoilers as a percaution. He is the son of Gaston.

Reblog. Read Jay x Gil from the story Descendants Ship it or Rip it by Keeshacollins21 with 410 reads. We can always go back hating each other when this is over. Jay + Gil - Descendants 3.

Jay is a major character in the Disney film, Descendants, played by Booboo Stewart. Descendants 2 Imagines Fanfiction. Soon Jay and Gil wake up together as their bodies are tangled together in the sheets as Gil smiles warmly as he looks at Jay’s sleepy face and he places a loving kiss on Jay’s forehead as Jay smiles. vashti-refused. 43 notes.

Disney's Descendants 2 -Jay Love Story- Dhåť Çhïqq Pąïğė Completed Adventure 8 months ago Princess Christella of Auradon, step-daughter of Queen Belle and biological daughter of King Adam, cousin of Princess Mara, half sister of King Ben, and niece of Morgana. JAY X GIL DESCENDANTS 3 PART 5. Share via Email Report Story Send. The Heart wants Jay 14.6K 218 20. by Hollyjschofield. Descendants 2 finally arrived on July 21 and if you haven’t seen it yet, well consider yourself a rarity, since 13 million people tuned in to watch the Disney Channel Original Movie‘s premiere across six different networks. Read Jay x Gil from the story Descendants Ship it or Rip it by Keeshacollins21 with 410 reads. 10. He is the son of Jafar. Find and follow posts tagged descendants gil on Tumblr. Share. Pretty incredible, right? Log in Sign up. He is the son of Gaston. In Descendants 2, Lonnie (due to her love of fencing) begs Jay to be part of the Swords and Shields team after defeating him during practice, but because of Chad Charming and his rule book, Jay disagrees.Lonnie also convinces Jay to take her with him to the Isle and help fight Uma to save Ben. 1,171 notes. Reblog. Gil is the tertiary antagonist who appears in the Disney Channel sequel, Descendants 2 and the quaternary antagonist turned supporting character/anti-hero in Descendants 3.