Conservatives in Japan believe the Japanese Royal Family are descendants of the sun goddess and the Daijosai ritual involved Naruhito spending a symbolic night with the goddess. And at a certain time that night the Sun Goddess visits him in person, and has sexual intercourse with the Emperor…So the emperor becomes one flesh with the sun goddess and that’s an invitation for the Sun Goddess to continue to demonize the whole nation. Emperor Naruhito is therefore the 126th tenno of the country. ... which is attended only by the emperor, two 'maidens' and the sun goddess herself.

Rumors that the emperor slept with the sun goddess to obtain divinity, sharply rejected court officials. She is the head of the Japanese pantheon and her emblem, the rising sun, appears on the Japanese flag. Japanese Emperor Is Having A £193 Million Date With Sun Goddess. Amaterasu - Japanese Shinto Goddess, her name means great shinning heaven. Amaterasu, in full Amaterasu Ōmikami, (Japanese: “Great Divinity Illuminating Heaven”), the celestial sun goddess from whom the Japanese imperial family claims descent, and an important Shintō deity. Legend has it that the great-great-grandson of Amaterasu Omikami, Jimmu-Tenno, allegedly founded the Yamato Empire in 660 BC, becoming the first emperor of Japan. Amelia Ward. Bast - The Lion Goddess of sunset, among her many roles she symbolized the fertilizing rays of the sun.

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