You didn't buy "DLC" but like Bikes, it uses the same main menu as the regular Driveclub.

Drive Club is also available for free download on PC, you can emulate in full version. There's a lot of other people who will be doing the same. DriveClub is a multi-mode racing video game developed for PlayStation 4.
Game modes: Online virtual reality multiplayer race modes and an action-packed single player career are joined by drifting and time trial challenges. GT Sport will definitely sell more. Yeah it is a separate game, just like Bikes was. Jul 29, 2016 3:24am Driveclub is a racing video game which was developed in the year 2014 for the PlayStation IV by the Evolution studios. It's something that often feels frivolous in 'regular' racing games, more a concession to the hardest of …

It only offered a limited crop of modes, but was a gorgeous and solid introductory experience to VR. Driveclub VR Is Launch Title for PlayStation VR in Japan, Will Have New Tracks Cockpit view and realistic 3D audio are mentioned as features in the game. In that sense, the pick of the PlayStation VR crop was probably Driveclub VR, a separate version of PS4-exclusive racer Driveclub created for the hardware.

Tracks: New and classic Driveclub tracks are brought to life through the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new Urban locations. DriveClub is a separate game from the main DC, and is solely made for VR alone, the market will be small. Driveclub (typically stylized as DRIVECLUB) is a racing game.It has a spin-off called Driveclub Bikes, and its VR version has a separate trophy list called Driveclub VR.It has a whopping 21 downloadable content packages with trophies (more than any other game) and 128 trophies total (more than any other game).. Shame to hear there's no trophies yet, perhaps they're just not loaded up yet? I'm not getting a PSVR just yet (short on cash) but I will definitely be getting GT Sport when it comes out. Driveclub VR has its shortcomings and doesn’t quite match up to the high bar that the original game now sets, but even then, it’s an outstanding racer, especially if you have a racing wheel. And in this sense, it's a shame that there will be no further development on DriveClub. DriveClub VR makes incredible use of the in-car view. Driveclub is the best-looking racing game I’ve ever seen on a console, but down deep it’s a more modest, conventional arcade racer than the sprawling, open-world types we commonly see today. Driveclub VR (PSVR) – if only the game was this high a resolution.

And for the first time, DriveClub in VR is playable at double the refresh of the standard game. It's a game that's not reserved for VR.