Watercolor painting with rainfall effects by Vladimir Tuporshin. The initial idea of the watercolor painting below came to my mind when I was caught at the bus station waiting until a heavy rain was over.

Sometimes not even wet weather gear is good enough to make you say yes. So, we recommend making your rainwork stencil as big as possible, for the best results. However there is one way to enjoy the rain, you can use it for rain painting. This makes it difficult to make rainworks with fine detail; small designs are much more likely to distort. As I was sitting there, I took several photos on my phone. These process art ideas use those showers to help your kids create fun masterpieces. Don’t forget that the longer you leave your art out in the rain the more washed out the colors become. Make it Rain … in Watercolor. Thick letters always come out best, so we recommend making your letters at least 3/4".

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