On the right, click the box next to each question you want to add. The New Google Forms allows you to delete responses from within a Google Form. You locate the record you wish to delete and click on the trash can icon to delete that individual response. Hit “Save.”.

Click Import questions. A separate Form will be created and a message will display at the top of the page notifying you that a new form has been created. Click Add questions here to begin editing your form, or Dismiss to get rid of this message and continue editing your spreadsheet. To move between responses, click Previous or Next . Note: To select from a list of responses, click the Down arrow .

At the top of the form, click Responses. Learn more. Click the form with the questions you want to import Select. The Google Forms you love with added security and control for teams. Click the Tools drop-down menu and select Create a form.

Delete ALL of the responses: Delete individual responses: To delete individual responses you click on the "Responses" tab and choose "Individual". At the right, click Add question Import questions . See answers by person or, if you allowed people to submit the form more than once, by submission. Method 1 – Set Up an Editing Link. Click Delete . When the new window pops up, check the “Edit after submit” box to create the edit link. Click on the Settings icon to the left of the large “Send” button in the upper right corner of the document. Open a form in Google Forms.

Open the Google Form you need.

As a responder, you will only be able to edit your response if the creator of the Form has check marked ‘Edit after submit’ under the ‘Respondents can:’ section within the Form settings.

Click Previous or Next to find the response you want to delete. If some of the fields of your Google Form are highly likely to have a specific answer or if you reuse your Form it can be handy to pre-select some of the answers in Form. As a creator, simply open the Google Form and it should allow you to edit the questions and any answers you provide for responders to choose from. Pre-Filled Forms. Click Individual.

Open a form in Google Forms. In Google Forms, open a form. In the top left under “Responses,” click Individual.