Many auto manufacturers recommend rotating tires at regularly scheduled intervals. Mine took 1.5 hrs just for the oil change. Most quick lube/dealers are closer to 20-30 min. Visit us today for more information. It can run anywhere from $30 on sale to $100 for premium everything at a dealer. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions about tire rotation, questions about cost, frequency, and whether it’s really worth it.Get these answers and more, from your friendly neighborhood technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Help improve handling and traction – with tire rotation services from Valvoline Instant Oil Change SM. maybe more depending upon how many are a head of you but when you arrive, the longer time is because they do all the inspections,vac the car etc.they should give an idea of how long to do it. Or stop in for a free consultation.

Don't Forget Tire Rotation During Your Next Tire Service! Places that just change the oil nothing less 5 min-10 min.

I try to stay away from the oil change companies. Walmart Basic Oil Change Prices start from $29.88 and increase depending on the oil change type. Typically we will have you in and out of the service center in about 15 minutes after your oil change begins.

In addition to changing the oil and filters, we offer a tire pressure check, a fluid top-off, a free tire rotation, visual brake checks, and a 23-point inspection for your vehicle.

At Meineke, each oil change package comes with an array of routine maintenance services, well beyond the oil change itself. The standard oil change also offers similar services (up to 5 quarts of oil, oil …

Shop Tires. I wasn't at 7500 miles yet for the tire rotation so that was a seperate visit that also took 1.5hrs... A total of 3 hrs for an oil change and tire rotation.. My wife took her Acura to her dealer and it took them 45 minutes for an oil change and tire rotation. A Midas oil change takes about 60 minutes and includes oil and filter change as well as our complimentary Midas Touch Courtesy Check. Oil Change Plus customers should allow another 15 minutes for tire rotation. The average cost for a Infiniti oil change may range between $29.99 for Conventional Oil Change and $79.99 for Synthetic Oil Change. The average tire rotation cost is $35 for all four tires. How long does it take to rotate tires? Check your owner’s manual for details. While Infiniti vehicles may not be as glamorous as its […] All 4 tires are the same. Visit the Valvoline Instant Oil Change FAQ for answers about preventive vehicle maintenance and other VIOC related questions. Our certified technicians can perform this service in about 15 minutes. Paid $37 for Oil Change/Tire rotation at Belle Tire.

How Long Does An Oil Change Take? Or. Tire rotation is a pretty simple and straightforward task, and performing it will save you money and ensure that your tires last much longer while performing better. Infiniti cars and SUVs have long been associated with luxury and performance. Having your tires serviced is an essential part of proper car care. Walmart Synthetic Oil Change Price Differences.

While Costco does perform free tire rotations, ... the front end so they take a long time to handle the influx of ... and normally come with an oil change. Here you can learn about benefits and tire rotation cost. You know you need to have your tires rotated. Find out how long this service takes, and what you should expect at your next service. ... Adhering to regular oil changes and service improves gas mileage, extends the life of your car or truck, keeps it cool and lessens wear and tear.

Never paid more than about $40 for the two so I'd say you got ripped off, unless you have the special circumstance mentioned above. Request Appointment Oil change, tire services, brakes, batteries & more! You hear other drivers talking about it. Visit for more information.