Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Poison (ポイズン, Poizun) is a fictional character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter series of video games. Final Fight consists of six stages or "rounds", as well as two bonus rounds. For notes on their appearances in the Street Fighter series, please visit the Street Fighter character … Retu (烈, Retsu, Not to be confused with the Street Fighter character Retsu) is the leader of the revived Mad Gear gang and the final … Retu (烈 Retsu, lit. "Furious") is a fictional character from the Final Fight series introduced in the game Final Fight 2. Characters who appear in Final Fight 3. He is included in the game presumably due to his omission in the first SNES game (as well as in Final Fight Guy) and fights identical like he does in the original arcade game. This page deals only with the characters as they appear in the Final Fight canon.

Retu appears in a full Kabuki costume, clad in red and white face-paint along with a pink wig. Created by Akira Yasuda for Capcom, Poison first appeared in the original Final Fight alongside a similar character, Roxy, later appearing in Capcom-produced games, media and merchandise related to the Street Fighter franchise.
All characters below are listed by the game in which they first appeared. Here is a total list of characters from the Final Fight games. He is the leader of the second incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang, acting as the game's main antagonist and final boss.

Maki Genryusai (源柳斉 真紀, Genryūsai Maki), more commonly known simply as Maki (マキ, Maki), is a fictional character in the Final Fight and Street Fighter video game series by Capcom.She has originally appeared in the 1993 beat 'em up game Final Fight 2 as a younger sister of Guy's fiancée and one of the game's protagonist characters. Each round takes place in a different section of Metro City such as the Slums and the Subway, with most rounds featuring more than one level. Abigail (アビゲイル Abigeiru) is a video game character who debuted as the penultimate boss in the beat'em up game Final Fight, before appearing as a playable fighter in the Street Fighter series starting with the second season of Street Fighter V. He is a hulking brute of gargantuan proportions and former enforcer for the Mad Gear Gang. D&D Beyond Playable Characters Edit. At the end of each round the player will face a boss character unique to that round. Retu .