Eddy Merckx understood this. Eddy Merckx (Mexico City, 25.10.1972, 49.431 km) When the UCI decided that the bicycle for … The task is simple: pedal as hard as you can for one hour. So in 1972, during what was arguably his most successful year of racing, Merckx decided to make his run at cycling most hallowed mark.

As a location it had the advantage of requiring little travel, and allowed for a direct comparison with all but two previous records since 1935. Concerned that the record was losing relevance and that the athlete's performance was being lost in the technological innovation, in September 2000, the UCI established 2 Hour Records: Hour Record. Cycling Love.

… Eddy Merckx – Hour Record 1972 Mexico City. Eddy Merckx never attempted the Hour again.

The Belgian tricolour in ‘70. For the first time personal fitness had not been the sole criterion for a new record.

Done on a normal track bike with a normal riding postion. Eddy Merckx – Hour Record 1972 Mexico City. In 1984 Francesco Moser added over a kilometer to Eddy's distance for the hour. He took good care of his teammates.’ Dutch rider Jan Janssen - 1968 Tour de France winner.

While Moser's performance had great athletic merit it was also assisted by major advances in streamlining. The bike that the Italian used was far different that Merckx's non aero bike.

Merckx felt that for the first time the Hour record had been devalued.

The teammate ‘I have to give Merckx a compliment. Add 500 more victories to the list above and you have a scope on the career of The Cannibal. It was Ernesto Colnago’s idea to cre­ate a bicy­cle with the ace of clubs logo and Eddy Merckx’s name.

But “simple” does not mean “easy”.

Ernesto Colnago with Eddy Merckx’s Hour bike, 1972.

La Course un Tête- Eddy Merckx Leg Speed. Initially Merckx chose to ride the Hour at the Vigorelli at the request of his Italian sponsors. After the previous post on the Hour Record, I thought a good follow-up would be to look in more detail at the bike that Eddy Merckx used in his 1972 record.Over the years there have been a number of bicycles shown or displayed claiming to be THE bike that Merckx rode, and they all have subtle differences between them, but there can be only one. The hour record for bicycles is the record for the longest distance cycled in one hour on a bicycle.

Eddy Merckx’s 1972 Hour Record bike, built by Ernesto Colnago.

Francesco Moser stunned the cycling world when he smashed Eddy Merckx’s Hour Record on a silver dream machine with disc wheels Simon Smythe September 30, 2016 12:50 pm Hour Record

In one move, Colnago started the cus­tom bicy­cle boom.

1:20. Like the previous record holder, Merckx settled on the velodrome in Mexico City as sight for his attempt. But “simple” does not mean “easy”. The hour record for bicycles is the record for the longest distance cycled in one hour on a bicycle. With modern bikes, clothing and sports science how many KMs would he have? And you don’t forget about the World Hour Record that he’s held for 12 years. The task is simple: pedal as hard as you can for one hour.

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He knew he needed to break the world hour record. Merckx's hour record stood from 1972 unitl 1984 when Francesco Moser beat his mark.