hola everybody, i was a little confused when i looked this up but my mailman says he is a "discordian" ... does anybody know what that is? Log In. How I Came to My Senses and Learned to Embrace Nonsense: or Hot Dogs and Golden Apples: a Recipe for Temporal Enlightenment. They just don't realize it. A hot dog is a form of sandwich, or alternatively the sausage that goes in the sandwich, which is also called a frankfurter, frank, weenie, wienie, wiener, dog, or red hot. Archive for the ‘Discordianism’ Category « Older Entries.

Stampiamo discordian magliette a manica lunga per … The PENTABARF was discovered by the hermit Apostle Zarathud in the Fifth Year of The Caterpillar.
The Discordian Battlepopes.

He found them carved in gilded stone, while building a sun deck for his cave, but their import was lost for they were written in a mysterious cypher.

Newer Entries » Bella’s Hoopla Archive January 31, 2006. Discordianism, alternately referred to as The Church of Discord, The Discordian Society, and The Erisian Church, is not widely known, and even less widely respected. Surreal Memes 2. However, after 10 weeks & 11 hours of intensive scrutiny he discerned that the message could be read by standing on his head and viewing it upside down. Temple of the … Intubol Maquinarias. Acquista discordian magliette a manica lunga per bambini create da designer indipendenti di tutto il globale.

Lots of people are Discordians. Religious Organization. Forgot account? Create New Account. This can be problematic for lovers of hot dogs, but at long last I believe I have found the perfect solution: all you need do is put the frankfurt through a bagel.

I, The Left Ear of the gODDess, Keeper of the Sacred Chao, just decieded to found A NEW DISCORDIAN SECT. The Grand Dame of Discord, SssssBella Oracle of Doom has been kind enough to create an archive for some of my writings. You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

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Post 1. ( Log Out / Change ) You are commenting using your … I bet they eat their hot dogs with buns, the bastards. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. or.

by itchy fish. Organization. 1; 2 ; TOP SECRET !! The Discordian Society.

A Conversation for Discordianism. gracias I'm guessing there are few adherents? Machine Shop.

Not Now. Related Pages. As you can clearly see it provides all the convenience of – and even more tasty goodness than – a regular hot dog bun, while simultaneously keeping to the letter of the sacred text. Tagged Discordianism, Eris, Rant.

What Would Eris Do? Holy Nonsense.


Entertainment Website. Jhos the Left Ear (help to build the Library of Dreams at A535899 !) visit here. Sid_6.7: Serious Black: Sid_6.7: They recognize a "religion" like humanism, but they still don't recognize Discordianism. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. DON'T READ THIS !! Never heard of Discordianism before. Fundamenta Discordia. Kallisti to all of you !

Started conversation Jun 7, 2000 .

For the “full” Hoopla!

See more of Discordianism on Facebook. Check it out if you are ready to fall asleep from boredom: Hoopla Archive. Arts & Entertainment .

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