Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is a bursting-at-the-seams expansion that leaves few systems without substantial improvement and new content. Its new civs … Idea for next expansion. When an ancient era barbarian attacks your modern era unit. Now that it's evolved even more noticeably into its own thing, it's really just a question of which game you'd rather play, since they are very different flavors of the same tasty ice cream. Posted by 15 hours ago. Climate Change isn't supposed to be apocalyptic here. Hmm, this review reads like someone who is passingly familiar with Civ 6, but doesn't realize that for the actual community, this game is a LOT of what we've been asking for.

The foundation that Civ 6 has is great. Civ 5 does things Civ 6 does not. Barely able to do its designated job, it gets countered by almost all units in the game. Civ 6 does thing that Civ 5 does not. Asking players to play for hours and days only to wreck it all in the name of 'realism' just isn't tenable in a game.

10 more against cavalry, 10 less against melee class units. The district planning and the importance of terrain tiles is actually really engaging compared to Civ 5 where initial placement wasn't as important and then just building whatever is most useful to you at that time. The Spearman has 25 Combat Strength by default. If you prefer 5, … However, one unit in it stands out in particular: The Spearman. The diversity from game to game is … The anti-cavalry unit class already doesn't have the best reputation.