Doctor, Specialist, & Hospital Coverage; Chiropractic Treatment; Acupuncture Treatment; Mental Health & Substance Abuse; Prescriptions & Pharmacies; In-House Benefits. Doctor, Specialist, & Hospital Coverage Initial Eligibility; Medical Insurance 90/10 Plan. Eligibility Requirements. Under some Collective Bargaining Agreements, iRemit is the mandatory method of payment. Initial Eligibility; Medical Insurance 90/10 Plan . Your monthly benefits will begin the month after your application to the Plan. Fund Office: Wilson-McShane Corporation, 3001 Metro Drive, Suite 500, Bloomington, MN 55425 • (952) 851-5788 or toll free: (844) 468-5916

Health Benefits . Eligibility Requirements. The UBA Life Insurance is $20,000 for active carpenters. Access iRemit for Benefit Payments.
Benefit Coverage. Health Benefits . Union Labor Benefits. Benefit Coverage. Use the iRemit system to file and pay your Fringe Benefit Contributions electronically, it is a safe and secure method of payment which is recommended for all Union Contractors. Dental Benefit; Orthodontia Benefit; Vision Benefit. Your reduced benefit is based on your Accrued Monthly Pension benefit based on your work in Covered Employment through the date of your retirement. Dental & Orthodontia.
Call the Fund Office at 215-568-0430 if you have any questions about iRemit.