Aurora Australis [Australis: south in Latin] or the southern lights are seen in the high latitude region of the Southern Hemisphere. Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) Forecast for Saturday, May 16, 2020 Latest Forecast = in 15 minutes, the Aurora will be Quiet When and Where are the Southern Lights tonight in Australia and New Zealand?

The Aurora Australis is not as well-known as the Aurora Borealis in the north but if you catch it on the right night, it is just as amazing.

Aurora australis, or southern lights, is like the quiet sister of the popular girl – the less glamorous sibling who often goes unnoticed.But this is simply because she is far harder to get a glimpse of. In the Southern Hemisphere, they can be seen in New Zealand, Antarctica, South America and Australia. The Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights, happens when the sun releases a massive burst of solar wind and magnetic fields into space, also known as CME (coronal mass ejections).
In order to see an aurora from New Zealand, there needs to be solar activity with strong gusts of solar winds reacting with the magnetosphere.
What are the “Southern Lights?” The southern lights are less well known than the northern lights but are just as spectacular. Source.

New Zealand is a great place to see the Southern Lights. These solar winds carry particles which interact with earth’s magnetic field, colliding to produce energy releases in … While the Northern Lights are best observed around dawn, the it is around dusk that the best views of the Southern Lights can be expected. This causesa geomagnetic storm, which tends to expand the aurora activity so that you can see it in New Zealand. The auroras —the aurora borealis (or northern lights) in the Northern Hemisphere, and the aurora australis (the southern lights) in the Southern Hemisphere—are brilliant natural spectacles that can be seen in the evening sky especially at higher latitudes. Also known as the aurora australis, the southern lights are only visible as the name implies, in the southern hemisphere. The perfect conditions to see the Southern lights.

ii. And these are the best viewing spots around the country for the Aurora Australis from March to September. Here's Everything You Need to know. Australia's light show in the sky, the Aurora Australis or Southern Lights is as stunning as any night lights you'll see in Iceland, Norway or Canada.

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