The Appaloosa has several distinctive colour patterns and all of the regular coat colours. This is interesting since both breeds were developed independently of each other. Appaloosa stands, on average, 14.2 to 16 hands high. • The State of Idaho adopted the Appaloosa as the state horse in 1975. The appaloosa is known for its hardiness and agility along with its eye-catching coat patterns. ( /

The Appaloosa horse looks similar to … What is the distinguishing feature of an Appaloosa horse ? ApHC Facts • The Appaloosa Horse Club is one of the top international equine breed registries.

One of the reasons bringing in Appies worked so well is due to the fact that the Appaloosa and the Knabstrupper horse share the same color gene – called the Leopard complex – that causes the spotted coat patterns. Appaloosa Horse facts The appaloosa is a full-size horse breed that originated from the united states. An Appaloosa horse is known for their distinctive appearance. Some Appaloosas have a solid colour except for a white patch over the hips, interspersed with small, round spots of the same colour as the body.

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