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I think 2205 is the way to go for a new player, to get a general feeling of what stuff looks/works like, and what to watch out for production-wise. Anno 2070 is the best of the series by miles. Anno 2205 is een stedenbouwsimulatie- en realtimestrategie spel, ontwikkeld door Ubisoft Blue Byte en uitgegeven door Ubisoft.Het is het zesde spel in de Anno-serie en speelt zich net als Anno 2070 af in de toekomst. The expansion adds even more to the game, increasing the nuance and challenge of the late game. Het spel werd op 3 november 2015 uitgebracht. So its really as said above: 2205 is simcity in the 2070 universe (you'll "meet" some NPCs, some relics, some talk about the corps from 2070).

Anno 2070 biedt een nieuwe wereld vol uitdagingen. 29:27 The faction system and tech/items means that there is an extraordinary amount of depth before you even get underwater. 2205 was a pretty big step backwards in almost every way. Personally I have yet really seen Anno 1404/2070 as best part of the Anno series. Anno 1800 Extreme Difficulty #14 Miss Hunt, are you ready? Better Anno feeling is in 2070 or even older ones. 2070 is the most feature rich and well designed Anno game in the whole series, it's really fantastic. || Let's Play English [FullHD 60FPS] by Nivarias.

Bouw jouw samenleving van de toekomst.

Anno 2205 - PC $19.97 on Gamestop made me feel like a high-powered CEO exploiting the wonders of the 23rd century… with a staff of thousands of ungrateful children. The only downside is that a lot of people seem to dislike the setting, but gameplay wise it's by far the best.

Anno 2205 lacks so many iconic Anno features, I don't think it can even be called an Anno game. When Anno 1404 is played in the past, Anno 2070 is played in near future with amazing underwater base maintaining. Anno 1404 is the equivalent to Anno 2070, while Anno 1800 is the equivalent to Anno 2205. Verover eilanden en sticht enorme steden met veel gebouwen, voertuigen en grondstoffen. Spelers hebben in deze editie de mogelijkheid om kolonies op de maan te stichten. 2070!