aisle (īl) n. 1.

(Rona Jaffe) "In the mountains, I'll give you a sign. Learn more. A sentence including the world 'aisle' is "Tom drives down to the cost and comes accross a shearl of aisle". Not to be confused with: I'll – contraction of I will. This is the aisle seat of a row of four in economy, with an escape hatch in front of you instead of another seat. Example sentences for aisle in popular books and movies. A part of a church divided laterally from the nave, transept, or choir by a row of columns. aisle definition: 1. a long, narrow space between rows of seats in an aircraft, cinema, or church: 2. a long, narrow…. See more. I'll show you my power.I'll show you what happens to those who would set themselves against me.

Aisle meaning and example sentences with aisle. Top definition is 'a long narrow passage (as in a cave or woods)'. Asked in Baby Names , English Spelling and Pronunciation How many ways can you spell isle ? Learn correct use of word. The central aisle has a barrel vault, and the side aisles quadripartite vaults. Wait. (Stephen King, The Stand, 1978) Elsa descended the stone stairs, climbed into her boat, and rowed back to the isle. Aisle definition, a walkway between or along sections of seats in a theater, classroom, or the like.

"Then, in measured step, teetering a little on very high heels, the bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle." aisle - meaning in Hindi and English. They sat on the steps of the platform, climbed on every coigne of vantage, stood in dense masses in every aisle and corner. aisle passageway: The bride’s father escorted her down the aisle. isle – small island: The isle is only a short distance from shore. 2. Updated September 11, 2018 Definition: a passage (like on a plane or a bus) that splits up sections of seats Watch."

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