Job sites can be far from electricians' homes. Don’t know exactly what skills are required beyond “past experience”? During personnel recruitment, recruiters are on the look-out for the right candidate. Are you on the hunt for a new job? If you're uninterested in nine-to-five office drudgery in the same part of town year after year, there are careers that offer something for the adventurous job seeker who loves both travel and the great outdoors. Unlike many employees who have a regular place of work, electricians work on a remote site for a certain period of time, ranging from a single day to a few months, before moving on to the next job. 5 Skills That Every Job Requires See also:Applying for a Job. You won't make a lot of money, and it can be frustrating (sometimes we survey the most beautiful areas only to see them get developed a year later), but if you like being outside and don't mind hiking 10 miles a day in some rugged terrain, being an environmental consultant is a great career path. It's not uncommon for electricians to travel 100 miles or more from their home to complete work. In addition, these jobs offer a range of educational requirements, from advanced degrees to no degree at all, as well as a wide range of pay grades. Having a strong command of basic life skills is a good place to start.