Married both his wives when each was 15 years old. John Wesley Hardin, one of the bloodiest killers of the Old West, is murdered by an off-duty policeman in a saloon in El Paso, Texas. He killed at least 21 men in gun duels and ambushes in the period 1868–77. John Wesley Hardin, (born May 26, 1853, Bonham county, Texas, U.S.—died Aug. 19, 1895, El Paso, Texas), most notorious killer and quick-draw gunman of the Texas frontier. Born in central Texas on May 26, 1853, Hardin … He led a life of gun slinging, dueling, gambling and drinking.

Seven months later, he was dead.

Hardin had a quick temper, which often got him into trouble. Just five days after his second wedding, his bride asked Hardin to return her home to her parents. John Wesley Hardin was a notorious Old West outlaw and gunslinger, hailing from America. He was the son of James Hardin, a Methodist preacher, who had named him after John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.

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