Hydrogen fluoride can be released when other fluoride-containing compounds such as ammonium fluoride are combined with water. Pain associated with exposure to solutions of HF (1-50%) may be delayed for 1-24 hours. When hydrofluoric acid is present in concentrations greater than 48%, the solution fumes, adding to the volatile airborne fraction. As in ocular tissues, concentrations as low as 5 mg/L (5 ppm) may produce irritation to the nasal mucosa. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) differs from other acids because the fluoride ion readily penetrates the skin, causing destruction of deep tissue layers, including bone. The toxicity of HF and HCl are very different. DO NOT confuse hydro fluor ic acid with hydro chlori c acid (HCl). Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is a clear, colorless corrosive liquid that is extremely hazardous. Hydrofluoric acid is an irritant to the mucosa of the upper and lower portions of the respiratory tract. When hydrogen fluoride is dissolved in water, it may be called hydrofluoric acid.

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