Two years post-doctoral research, including: reviews of policy documents and literature; interviews and case studies; qualitative data analysis using computer software; contributing to reports and academic papers; conference presentations and workshops. Final Thoughts on the 10 Best Knowledge Base Examples Some Examples of Knowledge, Skills and Experience - Talent Register Research 1. For example, the most popular flavour of ice cream sold yesterday is vanilla. 2. 8.

By providing inspiration as well as detailed help, the knowledge base excites people and encourages them to learn more about, and then extensively use, this tool. There are strategies that people in this domain can share, but it will be hard to transfer or store this type of expertise. An excellent example of this type of knowledge is web development skills. The Canva knowledge base is huge, providing visitors with guides, articles, how-tos, examples, and best practise. The data now has some context and so make sense. A knowledge organiser (KO) sets out the important, useful and powerful knowledge on a topic on a single page (Kirby, 2015).With the content demands of new courses, and schools adopting a knowledge-based curriculum, these are becoming increasingly popular in schools at secondary and even primary level.

Knowledge examples Example 2 Data. An excellent example of this type of knowledge is the customer support process. Source It includes a search feature so users can get answers to specific solutions … A knowledge base allows you to create self-service customer support content around recurring topics, issues, and themes. A bit of analysis is useful to glean more information. Information - this is a list of flavour of ice cream sales yesterday. Returning to our photo sharing app example, why not simply create an article to explain the process of uploading a photo?

Some learnings and skills can be hard to transfer or share. Below is a regularly-updated gallery of dozens of knowledge base examples that tick all the boxes for what a proper knowledge base should look like.

chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla . An example of a knowledge management system is Tableau’s knowledge base. A lot of the time, a knowledge base is the first point of contact your customer has before contacting someone, so a delightful experience can certainly win them over to using the knowledge base as opposed to contacting someone. Tacit Knowledge.

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