The Diminished Scale for Guitar. Basic Music Terms. The diminished scale is an eight note scale. You can see more guitar scales here: Guitar Scales . Half Whole Diminished: 1 b9 #9 3 #11 5 13 b7. While dominant seventh chords are defined with reference to a scale, it would make no sense to do so with diminished seventh chords. Some overall characteristics: There are 9 notes that make up a diminished scale instead of eight. The roman numeral for number 2 is ' ii' and is used to indicate this is the 2nd triad chord in the scale. This supertonic chord's root / starting note is the 2nd note (or scale degree) of the D natural minor scale. The D minor chord ii o is the E diminished chord, and contains the notes E, G, and Bb. Bob Murnahan 119,192 views Most jazz standard progressions, where we find the diminished chords, are tonal.

It consists of the following intervals: Root: The note upon which a chord is based, no matter its inversion. The 7th scale degree of the harmonic minor is a major 7th but that interval is a minor seventh in the natural minor scale. The Diminished Scale is: An Octatonic Scale (i.e. Diminished scale is a symmetric scale created by the sequence: Tone – Semitone – Tone – Semitone – Tone – Semitone – Tone. Therefore there are 12 possible harmonic minor scales. If your into jazz this is one you need to learn. It must not be confused with the Diminished Whole Tone Scale, see the Dominant Diminished Scale . If your into jazz this is one you … the intervals repeat in a pattern) Because it is a symmetrical scale (and much like the diminished chord) there are only three unique diminished scales: C = E♭ = G♭ = A diminished scale; D♭ = E = G = B♭ diminished scale The diminished pattern diminishes the … A diminished chord is built similarly to a minor chord, except for its fifth. This is one of my favorite combinations for rock soloing. This is sometimes noted 1­♭3­♭5. This is really advantageous, because it … Intervals in a Diminished Chord. An interesting property of the harmonic minor scale is that it contains two chords that are each generated by just one interval: an augmented triad (III + ), which is generated by major thirds. The next smaller size than perfect (for a perfect interval) or minor (for an imperfect interval) is diminished. The notes that comprise a diminished seventh chord, cannot be part of any one major or minor scale. CHORDS We can use the chords built from the natural minor scale to play these scales over.

The diminished pattern uses a lot of the minor intervals. There are 12 minor keys. The major scale and the minor scales, and most other scales, need to be transposed into twelve keys to be practiced completely. it has 8 notes) A Symmetrical Scale (i.e. You build a diminished chord with a root note, a minor third, and a diminished (lowered) fifth. #: Translating to sharp, when the note needs to be raised by one semitone. The key difference between major and minor scaes is that notes on a major scale sound bright and cheerful, while notes on a minor scale sound solemn and sad. F# is the root of F#dim; B is the root of Bdim, and so on. Piano player Bud Powell frequently used this scale to play over half-diminished chords. Every diminished scale contains 8 consonant chords and includes, for each of them, its corresponding relative chord (Major or minor) and its parallel chord (that is, the one obtained by changing the mode). 50+ videos Play all Mix - Diminished Scale Pattern For Guitar YouTube Diminished Scale Part 2 -- Blues Use Robben Ford Style - Duration: 10:34.

The two most used and fundamental scales are the natural minor scale and the minor pentatonic scale.

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