Picture Tree is a Johannesburg-based production company with over twenty years of film-making experience. We produce a wide range of productions from commercials and branded content to narrative features and reality. We also provide film production services in and around South Africa.
We deliver professional and reliable services coupled with unique creative production solutions. We are keen collaborators which always makes the work better.

Gary King - Managing Director

Gary insists that he’s nothing more than a manager of people, and responsible for growing director’s showreels and filmographies. Gary originally started in the advertising business, and started producing commercials in 1990, and more recently long form projects. Picture Tree has added many awards to their growing collection of advertising awards which include Loeries, Clios, Cannes Lions, Pendorings and the New York Film Festival awards, confirming Gary’s notion that “local can become global”. Gary is passionate about production and is known for his strong ethics and values. Gary’s most defining role is that of Dad, and when he doesn’t have a cellphone attached to his ear or a laptop glued to his fingers, he can be found alongside the school sports field or in the traffic doing a school run.

Scott Njumbuxa - Executive Producer

Born and bred in Johannesburg with a short stint in Scotland (hence the nickname), Scott went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has been working in the film industry for over 20 years in various capacities in production. He is currently an Executive Producer at Picture Tree and continues to produce commercials, branded content, short films and feature films in South Africa He serves on the executive committee of the CPA (Commercials’ Producers Association).

Johnny Mabeba - Producer

Johnny holds a Bachelor’s degree in film from AFDA, and has over twelve years in the television and film industry. Having controlled large production budgets and gained extensive experience in managing and executing a wide range of enormously challenging projects including feature films, commercials and television productions, he has worked his way up the production ladder. He understands the value of knowing his job and being a team player. He prides himself on being a calm, yet effective producer, with a good relationship with local partners, clients and suppliers.

Nonhlanhla Masondo - Production Manager

Nonhlanhla has been working in the film industry for more than 12 years, primarily as a production manager. She has a broad spectrum of experience ranging from TV commercials and music videos to documentaries and features. Her reliability and attention to detail have made her a valued asset here at Picture Tree. She feels that no project is ever the same and that she’s ready to face the challenges that come with any new work.