Matthew Stonier. Est. 1983.
Director; Editor.

Matthew is a combination of emotional charged, impeccable attention to detail, and passionate with a love for cinema and over 16 years behind the lens. He has an all-round experience through multiple forms of storytelling and a creative stretch through a deluge of genre and award winning content, including commercials, short films, Music videos, TV and branded content.

Shooting styles from the run and gun and get ‘the’ shot, to shaping light that’s subtle or stark. Matthew has a keen eye for the fresh, entertaining and beautiful. His speciality lies in creating evocative and/or emotionally intense pieces of work.

What do I wanna do?

His goal with every production is to ”ignite a powerful response of goosebumps, tears, laughter or love. The pieces I'd ideally play with would be cinematic, dark, romantic, hard-hitting or dry.”