The themes in Tsotsi include a wide range of issues, including ones that are personal, moral or ethical and social. A number of the themes in Tsotsi involve a tug-of-war between opposites where we are called upon to consider and weigh up both viewpoints and make up our own minds. For some audiences, that seriousness will be a kind of status indicator and it may well be associated with the knowledge that the film is based on a novel by a well known playwright. The baby is a symbol of renewal, rebirth and redemption, focused on Tsotsi.

All of Fugard’s characters are a reflection of the effects of Apartheid. He viciously beats his friend, who asks him if he understand the word decency. The strain theory looks at the structures within the society as central to the occurrence of Crime (Pelovangu, 2010). In Tsotsi’s situation, it seems necessary to commit crime as a means of survival.
Tsotsi is certainly ‘serious’ in terms of its overall tone and the importance of the social issues it represents.

It is my view that society failed to assist Tsotsi and this left him hopeless. Oscar award-winning local film Tsotsi has been turned into a musical, which will hit stages in February next year and aims to "unpack social issues… It is the catalyst to change Tsotsi back to the person he once was, David. Issues in Tsotsi?Tsotsi as a film encourages empathy and develops yourunderstanding of contemporary global issues – the disparitiesbetween wealth and poverty a… Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The white minority put down the black majority. Tsotsi is also engaging and moving as a personal drama and thriller, but that is largely in spite and not because of Hood’s approach to the issues of historical truth and social reality. Tsotsi is a young man without a past or an education. The protagonist, Tsotsi, which is a nickname meaning “thug,” has buried his capacity for empathy deep within himself as a defense against the hardships of poverty. Viewers look at six days in the life of a gangster in Johannesburg’s slums. Nor does he know his real name. “Tsotsi,” the 2006 Oscar winner for best foreign film, gives life to the statistics. Tsotsi sees himself within the child and it triggers the pursuit of cleansing and redemption within his life. Tsotsi and his gain are … A flashback reveals a violent father, and a … Much later he meets some children living in empty sewer pipes, just as he did.

Fugard also conveys the theme of the negative affects the oppression had on the black society in South Africa during Apartheid.