Cruiser bikes come under the umbrella term of “specialty bikes” that contain very specific end uses and features, setting them apart from other types of bikes. Aside from racing, group rides are some of the most common cycling events in cities and towns. Road bikes are the most specialized of all the types of bikes and are meant only for riding on tarmac. Types of bicycle.

The different riding styles affect the type of bike you choose, the places you ride and even people you hang out with. In this guide to 16 different types of mountain biking we’ll take you from freeride to fatbiking to four cross. Different types of mountain biking. A track bike is a road bike with a single gear that does not freewheel or coast.This means the cyclist cannot coast on this style of bike. Track racing is done in an indoor track with banked turns called a velodrome. Typically, road bikes are more expensive compared to other types, but there are good cheaper models on the market. The advantages of road bikes are speed, low weight, and an aerodynamic riding position. Cyclo-Cross: Many short laps on a variety of challenging surfaces. Cruiser bikes are meant for leisurely rides that one would take around the town and their neighborhood. Here is a list of the main types and style of bicycle you are likely to find at your local cycle shop, plus a brief description of their uses and suitability. It allows you to ride for longer and see more. In fact, true track bikes do not even have brakes so the athlete must use their leg strength to stop the cranks from turning, which stops the motion of the bike. BMX racing rewards strength, quickness, and bike handling. Some rides are extremely mellow and family-oriented, as cruiser bikes and non-racing bikes are ridden for pleasure rather than competition.

This is not racing; it’s just having fun riding your dirt bike around on the trails you have available to you. You’ll find out about the varied MTB styles and disciplines. These rides are non-competitive and they allow people to meet others interested in the sport of cycling. Races usually take place in the autumn and winter (the international or World Cup season is September to January) and consist of many laps of a short (2.5-3.5km or 1.5-2 mile) course. Browse all of these different types of road bikes at Merlin Cycles Posted in Buyers Guides , News Tagged aero bikes , aerodynamic , buyers guide , commuter bikes , commuting , race bikes , racing , Road bikes , sportive , time trial , touring , touring bike , tri , triathlon , tt . Aero road bikes are optimized to cut down on wind resistance by using more aerodynamically shaped tubing for the frame, along with wheels, handlebars and other elements that are likewise designed specifically to knife through the wind, and brakes that are sometimes placed behind other elements of the bike, out of direct air flow, etc.

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