The Scrapyards are where engines and other machinery are sent to when their working lives are finished in order to be cut up and melted down. It includes an exclusive Sodor Scrap Lorry and two special blocks of "scrap" that collapse when the wheel is turned to push it together. These yards exist in almost all Grand Theft Auto games. The longer a player salvages without a license, the harsher the faction penalty becomes. 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. The player will be constantly messaged by the scrapyard if he does not have a license. Trivia. Salvaging in a scrapyard sector without the license will worsen relations to the scrapyard's faction. Wellsworth Scrap Yards, also known as Crocks Scrap Yard, is a small scrap yard located near Wellsworth.In the Railway Series it is situated before Wellsworth on the Main Line, however in the television series it is on Edward's Branch Line.In the television series Reg is stationed here, and occasionally Trevor and Jem Cole help to move scrap.. They have never been given a definite location in the stories, but their mere presence has scared many engines, especially the steam engines. "Scrap" (スクラップ Sukurappu) is an archetype of EARTH monsters that debuted in Duelist Revolution. Scrapyards are places where wrecked vehicles are kept and/or processed. The scrap is broken into pieces, loaded into … The Scrap Yard is a roadway destination. If the player continues to salvage, military intervention will be called to remove the player. They are used by Toru in Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikipedia Scrap Yards in GTA V Car Scrapyard, Murrieta Oil Field Scrapyard, Red's Machine Supplies, Rogers Salvage& Scrap, Thomson Scrapyard The crane is then used to take it out of the crusher an back on the lorry.