The eyes were mere dots of jet in a white and repulsive face. Those found were in a sad state for want of water, and there was not a moment to lose. Find descriptive alternatives for something. Sad thing synonyms and Sad thing antonyms. There was nothing revolting here, no hint of repulsive idolatry. I was oppressed, grieved, sickened, at the sad presentation of humanity. To be, or to become sad, regretful or upset; Feeling sad or unhappy; Feeling disappointed; Feeling sorry; Not sorry; Ways of saying you are sorry or regret something; To say or show that you are sorry; To express sadness; To make someone feel disappointed or less hopeful Synonyms & Antonyms of sad 1 feeling unhappiness movies in which the hero dies always make us feel sad Synonyms for sad thing include pity, shame, crime, sin, misfortune, bummer, disgrace, bad luck, catastrophe and crisis. Synonyms for something at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Sad synonyms. Top synonyms for sad (other words for sad) are unhappy, sorrowful and dejected. Their interviews were first blissful, then anxious, then sad, then stormy. It had grown to be repulsive, and he knew not how to fill the void in his life. Top synonym for sad thing (another word for sad thing) is sad part. He was repulsive; he was stealthy, hard, cruel, in appearance.

Find more similar words at! Bad Things synonyms. Top synonyms for bad things (other words for bad things) are terrible things, nasty things and bad stuff. Tyndall was impressed again with the repulsive ugliness of the thing.

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