Animal Diversity (Non-Chordata) THE NON-CHORDATES. notochord are called chordates and those animals which do not form this structure are called non-chordates, e.g., porifera to echinoderms. The antedon is also known as the feather star. GATE - Zoology Questions and Answers. NEET students should download and practice these questions to get better … View Solution play_arrow (a) Chordates (b) Hemichordates (c) Molluscs (d)Echinoderms. ... Notochord is a flexible rod like structure that forms the main support of the body in the lowest chordates. true (13) All snakes are poisonous.

Multiple Choice Questions MCQs.
(a) Some chordates(b) Some non chordates(c) All non chordates(d) All chordates(e) None of these.

They are the most abundant and diversified of all animals living or extinct. Evidences of Evolution MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) Q1. Which of the following is not a deutrostome? Last updated on :13/10/2013. It occurs in the bottom half of shallow part of sea. It feeds on plankton and debris and has great power of the regeneration and autotomy. 8 Differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Transcription - YouTube. 3. Download NEET UG Biology Animal Kingdom MCQs in pdf, Biology chapter wise Multiple Choice Questions free, NEET UG Biology Animal Kingdom. Answer: B. Q.6 Differences in the scales of fishes and reptiles lies in their being: (a) Endodermal and dry (b) Epidermal and dry [C] chordates [D] all of these Questions No:10 Correct statement of the following is [A] all vertebrates are chordates [B] all chordates are vertebrates [C] all invertebrates are chordates [D] all chordates retain notochord Questions No:11 Classification of organisms helps in [A] understanding diversity [B] assigning systematic position 4.2 CLASSIFICATION OF ANIMALS The broad classification of Animalia based on common fundamental features as mentioned in the preceding sections is … Click on the title to open. Books on Non-Chordata That makes their study the most fascinating one. C) Pharyngeal gills cleft done clear.

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OBJECTIVES OF HEMICHORDATA & CHORDATES. true (15) Frogs have 3 cervical vertebrae. false (16) Contractile vacuole in protozoa is basically an excretory organ. false (14) Mouth in sharks is located on anterior side.

In non-chordates, central nervous system is ventral, solid and double. D) Absence of hepatic portal system done clear. 28K subscribers. The following chapters appear in this section. BSCZO-101 Non-Chordata DEPARTMENT OF ZOOLOGY SCHOOL OF SCIENCES UTTARAKHAND OPEN UNIVERSITY Phone No. Answer: D. Q.5 Opposable thumbs are characteristic feature of: (a) Lagomorpha(b) Primates(c) Edentata(d) None of these.

1. tru (17) Nerve cord in chordates is Endodermal in origin.

question_answer67) Non-chordates have [BCECE 2005] A) Notocord done clear.

It is not absent in humans throughout their life. Non-chordates are animals without a notochord. Human Body System Quizzes. 2.Acorn worms belongs to class: (a) Enteropneusta (b) Planctosphaeroidea (c) Pterobranchia (d) None. 05946-261122, 261123 Toll free No. 18001804025 (v) Pinnae are present in mammals. B) Dorsal tubular nerve chord done clear. (12) Non-chordates are dissected from dorsal side.

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