Drying your own wood, whether for woodworking, carving or turning, can be very rewarding--if you can keep it from splitting. You don’t need to use a lot of pressure or weight on the drill, so let it do its job. Here are some best steps to drill the different types of holes in wood without cracking or damaging it. Start with the right bit.

Drill without damage. Always use caution and take necessary safety steps when using power tools.

Wood loses moisture from the ends at a higher rate than the faces and sides. Do-it-all twist bits are inexpensive and designed to punch through wood, metal, and plastics. To achieve this versatility, manufacturers typically grind their cutting tips to 118°. Then, slowly squeeze the trigger to get started. Use your drill to help bore into the wood as far as the lengths of the screw. Press the side of the drill bit you chose against your finger to keep it going in straight and to prevent it from wandering.

Kreg screws have several features designed to limit, and even eliminate wood-splitting in your joints. Warning. I'm drilling into guitar bodies that are lacquer and varnish finished.

1. How to Drill Bamboo ... For small bamboo canes, soak them in water for about half an hour before drilling to help prevent splitting. Tips to Avoid Wood-Splitting. Just want to know of any techniques that will allow me to drill the wood without splitting or cracking the finish. Posted by KregRep on January 19, 2010 at 9:40am in Kreg Jig® Operation; View Discussions; The number one suggestion is to make sure that you are using Kreg Screws.

Bamboo has a tendency to split when drilled without proper precautions.

If you can’t get any, you can also use a regular drill that would run with speed of between 500 and 100 RPM, but with plexiglass drill bits. While you'll never stop wood from losing moisture, you can slow it down enough to prevent splits and cracks (also known as checking) from forming.

Many thanks for answers in advance. You'll need all three bit styles - twist, brad-point, and Forstner -- to drill tear-out-free holes in a range of sizes. Using an improper drill bit to make a hole can possibly result in splitting and damaging the wood. - The self-tapping tip drills the wood as it’s driven. PG Using the regular drill bits that you use for metal and wood would chip the edges and crack the plexiglass while you drill, but there are specific drills designed for plexiglasses, you should rather get one..

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