Code: YOUNG CHANG Young Chang Piano Covers. Code: STEINWAY Steinway Piano Covers. $139.95 and up. $139.95 and up. Full length covers that run all the way to the floor can be custom ordered for an additional fee (approximately $80, depending on the size of the piano cover). $164.95 and up. Using the highest qualtity American materials and craftsmanship, these grand piano covers are custom manufactured to fit any make and model piano. Code: YAMAHA Yamaha Piano Covers. If you do not see your piano listed, select the "standard grand piano cover…

Grand Piano Covers. $139.95 and up.

Select your brand of piano from the choices below. Code: KAWAI Kawai Piano Covers. Piano room placement has been said to be a greater critical decision for piano owners, than maintaining and caring for a piano, long-term. A situation where you would want a full length cover is if you lived in an extremely dusty part of the country. Macintosh Grand Piano Cover - Free Shipping. $139.95 and up. Locking System : Our locking system is different from all others – we embed a cable in the perimeter of the cover. Floor Length Skirt: Your cover goes all the way to the ground and extends the protection of your cover to the legs and lyre of your piano.

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