2. Is there a reason why he appears to have a new voice actor for Dead Rising 4?''

Dead Rising 4 sees the franchise return to its roots in a way, as the game brings back elements from the first entry including main character Frank West and the … Frank West through the ages - in Dead Rising 1, 2 and 4. Before the zombie outbreak in Fortune City, he worked as the mascot Slappy for Kids' Choice Clothing. She's Frank West's pupil. Slappy rolls around on oversized rollerskates, wielding dual Flamethrowers and a Fire Spitter when stationary which is explosive, and will knock Chuck down with just splash damage. She is stubborn, often refusing to deviate from her goals without a high degree of swaying. Unlike Frank, Vick is much younger and cares more about finding out the truth and getting justice than fame and glory.

Vicky Chu is the tritagonist in Dead Rising 4.

In Dead Rising 1, Case West and Off the Record, Frank was voiced by Terence J. Rotolo, an accomplished movie stuntman with a …

Brent Ernst (or Slappy) is a Dead Rising 2 psychopath in the mission Everyone Knows Slappy. She is a student of Frank's, who knows about his true identity. • To add an insult to injury, Capcom Vancouver stated in an interview that the reason why they replaced his voice actor was to make him sound old, let that sink in.He 3. Frank West is iconic enough to appear in crossovers, not just each of the DR games I some form. Above the Law Edit Main article: Above the Law (Dead Rising) Jo was seen entering a women's clothing store with a young woman.As Frank West arrived to investigate, he found the young woman, Kay, tied to a chair with Jo standing over her.. Jo proceeded to taunt and verbally abuse the young woman, going as far as to threatening to sexually abuse her with a nightstick. Not to mention Frank's Voice actor, Terence J. Rotolo, has been replace with Ty Olsson, who does a very poor job as Frank West!