"WAKU WAKU 7" is a fighting game released by SUNSOFT in 1996. Players will control characters who have one of 7 WAKU WAKU balls that grant wishes, and gather the remaining balls.

A Fighting Game created in 1996 by Sunsoft for Neo Geo, Sega Saturn and re-released for the PlayStation 2 … A description of tropes appearing in Waku Waku 7. It was released on November 20, 1996 Windows.

Waku Waku 7 has an irregular feature set for a fighting game of its time, and includes features common to SNK fighting games (such as four basic attacks and screens zooming). Developed and published by SNK, Sun Corporation, Hamster Corporation. Let's gather power in exciting gauge, and attack all over with a personality-rich technique of each characters! Waku Waku 7 Game (15 MB) is an Fighting video game.